Are Natural Essential Oils Safe to Use While Pregnant?

First of all it is essential to know what is meant by essential oils. Answer to this question is that these natural oils are those oils which are extracted from the bark, leaf, flower, fruit, seed, and roots of plants, trees and shrubs. As these natural oils are extracted naturally extracted from the nature itself as only a single drop of it can provide powerful results and various health benefits after using them. Often this natural oil is obtained from distillation process which naturally separates the natural oil from the water based components of the plant through steaming. If some oil is required to be obtained only in very less quantity then the chemical process and heat distillation process plays a very vital role.

Everybody knows that these essential oils have many aromatherapy benefits for the human body itself. Aromatherapy is used to treat many skin related issues with removing acne and bug bites to headaches and stomach related problems like indigestion. If you want to measure the purity of the essential oils you should keep in mind whether or not these oils are diluted or not for making the rates of these oils less than the market price.

Choosing the best and safest essential oil from many available in the market.  

You should use only genuine and completely unaltered essential oils while you are pregnant. Aromatherapy is more than essential oils as it brings pleasure to your nose and relieves you of stress. These oils act as a kind of medicine and can be as helpful as a drug in pregnancy.

Which essential oils should be used safely during Pregnancy?

First confirm before using anything new in your pregnancy period. Organic Essential oils can used instead of allopath medicines to have healthy pregnancy and consult a doctor for using essential oils in your first trimester. Many experienced have a view that you should not use essential oils if you have a history of having of miscarriage and virginal bleeding during pregnancy, heart problems, diabetes, blood clotting and thyroid, kidney or liver disease. Below mentioned are some of the characteristics of the pure natural essential oils during the pregnancy period but the only condition is that it should be genuine, pure and authentic and should not contain harmful synthetic oils a rich source of harmful chemicals.

Some of the citrus fruits such as tangerine, neroli, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin and sweet orange. German or roman chamomile, common lavender, frankincense, black pepper, peppermint, ylang ylang, eucalyptus, bergamot, cypress, tea tree, geranium, spearmint, cardamom, ginger, patchouli, petitgrain, rosegrain, rosewood, sandalwood, benzoin, sweet marjoram and rose otto these all are considered safe to use during the pregnancy period.

Which Oils You Should Avoid During Pregnancy?

Nutmeg natural oil as this oil has hallucinogenic effects and it reacts with pain relieving drugs during labor. Rosemary oil should also be avoided by pregnant ladies as this oil increases blood pressure anc cause contractions. Basil oil, jasmine oil and clary sage essential oils may cause contractions and should be used only under the guidance of an experienced doctor. Pregnant women should not use sage and rose as due to the use of these essential oils many women are seen causing bleeding in from uterus. Juniper berry could affect your kidney. Other names of essential oils which may cause problems related to stomach and ache are laurel, angelica, thyme, cumin, aniseed, citronella, cinnamon. Other essential oils which should be kept away are woodworm, oak, rue, moss, lavender, camphor, parsley, hyssop, mugwort, pennyroyal, tansy, tarragon and thuja.

How to essential oils safely?

Use essential oils safely not more than a couple of times in a week but not daily on the daily basis. Sprinkle some drops of essential oils on a hanky and should be smell slowly slowly so that it reaches our lungs and provide calmness in the whole body of a human being. This act as a sort of safety area between the surface of your skin and your baby. Essentail oil reaches your baby through the placenta so it is best to play it on the safe side. The pregnancy guidelines tell us that pregnanct women have a lot of fatty layer under the skin these essential oils have a slow-release effect when massaged on the body.